$1.2 Million In Affiliate Sales

Warriorplus Elite Affiliate and Jvzoo Top Ten Affiliate

Hi there and thanks for checking out the page, pretty impressive numbers right? $1.2 million net sales across just two networks over the last couple of years!

Top ten Jvzoo affiliate in 2017 and number twelve in 2018. Elite vendor on warrior plus in 2019.

Dominating Affiliate Leaderboards And Campaigns On Whatever I Decide To Promote

Why am I telling you this? To brag? 

No just to show you that what I am about to cover is probably the best information and opportunity for starting to build an online business available right now.

Stop listening to marketers and so called “gurus” who’s only claim to fame is selling a way to make money online, and not actually doing it themselves

Let me introduce myself. I'm Richard Fairbairn. I've been a online marketer since 1996. 
I generated my first seven figure income online before 2000.
At the moment I run a marketing business which includes affiliate and product creation. I have sold over two million dollars worth of products over the last couple of years.

I Run A Software Creation Company That Specialises Into Business To Business

And have just recently started a cosmetics business which has hit six fires in income in just a matter of months.
But how does all this help you and get you started on the road to creating your own online income and business.

Well I have decided to put together a package that includes software and training on the two most important aspects of making money online.

The First Is Affiliate Marketing…

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Such A Quick And Easy Way To Start Making Money Online?

Well Rather Than Having The Cost Of Creating Your Own Products…

No developers... 
Charging $50-$100 for one hours work.

No designers...
Charging $20-$40 for one hours work.

No copywriters 
charging $10,000’s
You do not need to do any of the above you can start straight away and sell products that are battle tested and ready to go through affiliate marketing.

You Can Instantly Find Products That Are Guaranteed To Earn You A Good EPC

Which is earnings per click, which means for every click you set you will get an average return.  The EPC may be $10 so for every click you send to that affiliate product in the funnel you make an average of $10.

And the second is video. Using video to sell your affiliate products is the easiest way to get your message in front of potential buyers.  In all social platforms you see video being used and when you use it correctly and get your message across then the sky's the limit. 

If You Combine Video And Affiliate Marketing You Can Create A Set And Forget Income That Will Bring You A Good $100’S And $1000’S Per Day


Affiliate Video Project

Where I combine knowledge, training with done for you software to dominate affiliate marketing with video marketing.
Here is what is included in this unique package.

In depth affiliate training. I will take you by the hand and show you behind the scenes how I have earnt over $1.2 million in affiliate sales over just the last three years.

How I dominate affiliate leaderboards and get vendors begging me to promote their products.

Here Is What I Will Show You Inside…

  • How to find winning affiliate offers
  • How to build affiliate campaigns
  • How to build a email list to promote with
  • Making sales where you didn't think was possible
  • Building a buyers list from affiliate marketing
  • Bonuses how to create them
  • How to turn an affiliate campaign into your own funnel
  • Building a list of eager buyers desperate to buy the affiliate offer
  • Maximising your backend sales 
  • Getting $15+ EPC’s
  • How to spot a bad offer
  • Getting approved as an affiliate
  • Getting jv access to the offer
  • What networks to use
  • And much much more

On Top Of All My Affiliate Training I Am Also Going To Give You Access To My Super Secret Underground Affiliate System

This Is A Cloud Host And Would Normally Cost $497 For The Full Funnel. You Will Get…

55 DFY Affiliate Offers that we have made over $500,000 with
200 DFY Bonus Packages that cost over $30,000 to produce
Bonus page creation system
Lead page creation system
All ready to go out of the box
The system is built to help newbies right through to experienced marketers build better campaigns. Plug in evergreen campaigns that are proven to work and convert. Use our campaign builder to build campaigns and use our bonus vault to help those campaigns convert better.

If You Struggle To Build Affiliate, Bonus Or Webinar Campaigns Quickly Then This Will Help You Get Started

So That Gives You The Power To Dominate Affiliate Offers But What About Video?

Well I am giving you access to my Affiliate Video Marketing System which is brand new and will allow you to take charge of your video marketing.

The costs of the full software is over $497 but today you get it included with Affiliate Video Project.

Here Is What You Can Do With My New System…

It offers many powerful tools like auto comment reply, like on videos, auto comment on videos, auto subscribe channels, video search, channel search, playlist search, video upload, video edit, playlist manager, channel analytics, video analytics, video link wheel, video rank tracking and many other tools. 
  • All-in-one YouTube Solution
  • Comment Reply Channel Videos Automation
  • Like/Comment YouTube Videos Automation 
  • Channel Subscription Automation
  • Video Link Wheel (YouTube Backlink)
  • YouTube Rank Tracking
  • Channel & Video Analytics
  • YouTube Search Engine
  • Video & Playlist Manager

Most Complete Marketing Solution For YouTube Ever Created

KEY FEATURES: Affiliate Video Project

It`s not just any marketing software for YouTube, it`s the ultimate marketing software for YouTube

Comment Reply

Has the feature of replying video comments.

Rank Tracking

Tracks your contents rank on YouTube easily.

Like, Comment & Subscription

Helps you to like and comment on others video and auto subscribe/unsubscribe channels.


Affiliate Video Project Can Outrun Any Other YouTube Marketing Tools Existing In The Market

Comment Reply

Has the feature of replying video comments.

Playlist Manager

Has the feature of managing your playlists much easier than ever.

Rank Tracking

Has the feature of tracking your contents rank on YouTube easily.

Channel & Video Analytics

Has the feature of analytics of channels & videos.

Like & Comment

Helps you to like and comment on others video by searching with keywords or channel.


Helps to subscirbe your desired channels by searching with provided keywords.

Search Engine

A customized search engine that will help you to search for video, playlists, channels.

Video Upload

Allows you to upload video to your channel easily.


Comment Reply Is One Of The Key Features That Makes This Software So Special

Import channel

Import your YouTube channel just click on login with YouTube button.

Comment template

You can reply to your videos comment using comment template.

Create campaigns

Import your YouTube channel just click on login with YouTube button.

Full delivery reports

You will able to see the full campaign delivery reports,where you will find the final report.


Boost Your Business Leveraging The Power Of YouTube

Affiliate Video Project- MOST COMPLETE

Is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. YouTube is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody implemented yet. YouTube doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use these powerful features.

It’s only possible by using some good programming knowledge. The most interesting part is, it’s totally no cost marketing that is far far effective than other social marketing.


Here Are Some Screenshots Of How It Looks. See The Amazing Shots And Enjoy


World`s very first and very fast comment replier to your video`s comment.
We explored and implemented all YouTube APIs available and brought to you the best out of the best.

Everything you wanted to do with your channel is now possible.


We are providing trial package so you can try first. click on the button and explore it.


Greatest marketing software for YouTube with very reasonable prices! explore the plans and get the best before price goes high.

 My New System Will Help You To Start Creating Online Income Today Let's Just Recap What I Am Giving You

Worth $297

My affiliate mastermind videos 

Worth $297

My email marketing mastermind videos

Worth $497

My affiliate system software

Worth $497

My affiliate video ranking system

All For A Low One Time Fee If You Act Today

But Wait That Is Not All If You Buy Within The Next 24 Hours Then I Am Also Going To Throw In Three Extra Bonuses Worth Over $1000!

Bonus One Worth $497

I am going to you my Funnelskit system. This is a full on funnel builder which is hosted in the cloud. Here is what features the system has:
  • Page builder drag and drop create amazing pages
  • Over 30 pre built funnels complete and ready to go
  • Over 100 pre build lead funnels complete and ready to go
  • Mailing system with no limit send as much as you want
  • Membership system build recurring sites
  • And much much more inside
Over 5000 people use Funnelskit daily to create their sales, affiliate and membership funnels and I am giving you this as a bonus today!

Bonus Two Worth $297

I am also going to give you access to the rest of my mastermind videos which include how to launch a product. I have sold over two million dollars of my own products on Jvzoo and Warriorplus and I lay all my secrets bare in these videos.
  • What products to create
  • What networks to use
  • How to set up your products
  • How to recruit JV’s
  • And much more

Bonus Three Worth $497

I am going to give you access to over 230 videos all created by our in-house staff to use in your own projects. These are not your normal PLR junk they were created for our own marketing.
  • Create membership sites
  • Create engagement
  • Create your own products
  • Use as an affiliate bonus

So Do not delay lock this amazing offer in today and claim these bonuses

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